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Derive Features For Your Business That Can Be Validated Using Our AI And ML Services!

Machine Learning Models and Services

We create and train mathematical data models that have the ability to learn and improve algorithms that generate predictions by finding patterns in your data. In order for the data pipelines to work in ML services and models environment, we take care of designing a Data Architecture that works effortlessly with your underlying data platform.

Our well-planned definitive approach in working with your data enables you to apply ML intelligence to your development and operational activities to achieve efficiency and accuracy -

1. Gather and pre-process data 2. Identify dataset imbalance if any 3. Build model 4. Train the model and evaluate results 5. Ensure fairness of treatment in data 6. Set prediction thresholds 7. Deploy model 8. Observe model behavior on real data 9. Make predictions 10. Present prediction analysis to the end users

Artificial Neural Network models and Services

The AI models we build take informed action on predictions, simulations, or insights gathered using underlying mathematical models.

We use pre-trained models as the starting point on computer vision and natural language processing tasks to amount for the vast compute and time resources required to develop neural network models on problems. In today’s digital age, we pride ourselves in having found the right mix of business knowledge and technology to build AI platforms that scale, interact and reason than just answering simple questions.

  • For which industries do we create the ML and AI models?

    We help create the models for various domains, like Finance & Banking, Supply Chain, Healthcare, Digital Media, Real estate and so on. Our models are developed to capture the essence of market intelligence and we work with the in-house teams to understand their requirements.

  • How do we support these models after the delivery?

    We have an extensive support team to handover the model and provide the process for the validation for further sustainability. We also provide KT i.e. Knowledge Transfer for these models along with documentation to your internal team.

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