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Hire Competent, Intellectual and Focused minds to Increase Your ROI up to 72%!

Data Scientists and Data Analysts

Hire data minds who are highly skilled in evaluating the data model of your company. They solve business problems through directed and undirected research that includes everything from data munging to creating algorithms for predicting behavior. They employ sophisticated scientific consulting, advanced statistical methodologies, exploratory data analysis (EDA) using orthodox and unorthodox machine learning techniques methods to prepare data for use in predictive and prescriptive modeling.

Along with strong technical skills, data scientists and data analysts are highly effective in communicating their findings through impactful data visualizations and reports.

Financial Analysts

We provide access to a pool of experienced professionals in the field of financial planning & analysis who are equipped in developing financial models and forecasting in any domain. They help in improving financial performance by providing creative alternatives to business problems.

Business Analysts

Hire experienced analysts to review, analyze and evaluate your business systems and project needs. The analysts are proficient in defining scope, formulating technical solutions, gathering, documenting and analyzing requirements. We have BA’s holding experience in many different business areas, focused on completing the project goals and working with stakeholders and subject matter experts.

We also have highly skilled and passionate professionals in the field of Project Management, Kronos Consultant and Business intelligence.

  • Which Languages/ Platform do we provide expertise in?

    We provide expertise in a range of different platforms and languages, namely: Python, R, Java, SQL, Scala, Matlab, TensorFlow, SAS, Hadoop, Microsoft Excel, Tableau, Power BI, QlikSense/QlikView. If there is any specific platform that is not listed here, then please reach out to us and we will try to find the best possible resource for the same.

  • Do we provide ability to screen the profiles?

    Yes, we do. Our process is very simple where we first handpick the best matching profiles to your requirements and send you a pool within a specified period of time. We follow up on those profiles and send a second batch, if required. Also, we make provisions for video and audio interviews after screening internally, to make the most of your time.

  • Do we provide the direct communication to the resource dedicated to you?

    Yes, we provide open communication framework between our resources and clients. We also monitor from our end if the work is being delivered in a timely manner and we work with 1:1 approach with our clients to address any roadblocks.

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