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Products Offered By Mindrobo

in collaboration with Cravingcode Technologies

BuilDesk CRM

Our current BuilDesk CRM provides Real Estate companies the functionality to generate leads and manage them using different services like AI recommendation, chatbot, Crawler, and inbuilt cloud telephony. It uses a web scraper come Crawler with admin configurable settings for website url and credentials to crawl the website and collect targeted information. The collected information can be seen in tabular format and will have the option to export into CSV. We provide complete scraping reports that can be monitored daily. The features of this CRM are New Lead Creation, Transfering leads to agents based on counties, region and zip code, Lead activity and follow-ups, Lead site visit & revisit schedules, Lead stage analysis. What makes this even more special is an integrated ERP dashboard.

The CRM can be customized to work for any domain as per your requirements.

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Web Crawler and Scraper

Our powerful web Crawler and Scraper get high quality, reliable data on a large scale that derives the most accurate insights into your domain properties. We only crawl/scrape publically accessible factual data. In our architecture, each supervisor crawler manages the worker crawlers working on different levels of the same link and thus help speed up the data crawling process per link. We also have steps in place to prevent any loss of data retrieved by the supervisor crawlers using backup storage support system and not depend on a single point of data management. Our crawler can be modified easily to accommodate any changes in your big data crawling requirements. You can request for data in any language or a combination of languages and make intelligent business decisions using our data crawling system.

The Crawler/Scraper can be customized to work for any domain as per your requirements.

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